About Us


The story of Club Rollers begins in the mind of our founder, Paul Venters. A lifetime lover of the game, Paul has had a bat in his hands since he could walk, from his first swings for Angel Grove Juice Bar’s T-ball team at the age of 4 to his time manning third and batting fifth for his college team. Paul was an excellent hitter, and often says one of the greatest feelings in life was the sensation of his bat hitting the ball just right, knowing the ball was gone on contact…a feeling he often got to experience.

When Paul’s playing career came to an end, he applied his baseball mind to coaching. Paul spent years mentoring young players from high school to semi-pro, but when his first son came of batting age, Paul was able to combine his love of the diamond with his love for children, coaching a youth team just like the one he took his first at-bat with. Since then, he was able to continue molding young players into better athletes and people, furthering his goal of bettering the game and the world in which it is played.

When Paul eventually started Club Rollers, he kept in mind how important sports had been to his life, fostering lifelong friendships, keeping him productively active in his youth and providing opportunities he may not have otherwise had access to. Paul has always believed sports and competition were vital to the development of healthy children inside and out, and so he made it his mission to do good as his company did well, donating 5 percent of all profits from the store to disadvantaged and at-risk youth for the purchase of sporting goods so that he can inspire in a new generation what he himself had found so much joy and direction in: an enduring love of the game.

"Club Rollers was created to give players an extra boost to their hits in hopes to create a more enjoyable and competitive game for everyone. We have perfected the craft of modifying bats for individuals, we offer more variations of bat alterations than anyone because we understand not all hitters are alike." - Coach Paul Venters

Pauls Questions:

"Is it cheating?" -  In the age where bats are made from spacecraft grade alloys and composites you need to keep up or unfortunately be left behind. It is amazing how hitting is the confidence driver for all other baseball skills.

"The kid already slams them but I need more" - This is my biggest problem, in the ideal world this entire altering business caters to the less talented players whose parents are trying to encourage their kids. Nothing does that like their first homerun or the confidence of hitting consistently. When people call up saying their kid already is the best on the team/league and wants our shaving service we refuse.

If you need assistance please give us a call and we can make recommendations based on your individual needs.