Bat Customization's Information

At Club Rollers, we take the best bats in the game and bring them to their peak potential using our advanced bat upgrading techniques. We are proven experts in bat optimization, and we employ all the latest methods and machinery to bring our customers the best results, the best craftsmanship and the best performance.

Bat Rolling

Bat rolling simply takes the natural break-in process that makes your bat hotter over time and accelerates it, giving you a battle-ready stick sooner than with any other method. Quick at-home break-in often involve repeated impact with hard objects which could leave dead spots or even possibly crack your barrel.

Our specialized rolling machines apply even, precision-measured pressure to the entire hitting surface of your bat to give you all the advantages of a broken-in bat without all the undue abuse and risk. Club Rollers is a professional bat rolling provider, meaning you get highly skilled service every time.

Bat Shaving

Bat shaving is a delicate process that requires removing the end cap and thinning out the internal walls of the bate, enhancing  rebound and effectively turning the entire barrel into a sweet spot. This sharply increases the output level of the bat, hitting balls harder and sending them further faster. Bat shaving can add up to 20% distance to solid contact.

While this operation is very effective, it requires a great deal of proficiency with the machines to perform properly. Some of our competitors are not professionals, and use inferior machines or amateur operators. This can negatively impact the quality of the finished product and make your bat more susceptible to breakage, cause lackluster performance or decrease end-cap security.

Don’t have your end cap fly off after 25 swings. Don’t trust a service that will use tools not designed for the task, leaving shoddy workmanship and unreliable results. Don’t let a substandard service find out what they’re doing on your $300+ bat. Trust the professionals at Club Rollers for all your bat optimization needs.

End Loading

End Loading redistributes the weight profile of your bat by placing weights in strategic areas. This is most often done to let a strong batter put more force behind his favorite bat for added inertia at the point of contact. Some batters simply prefer heavier bats, and end-loading is an excellent way to allow players to use the bat of their choice at the weight of their choice.

End loading is also frequently done as part of a bat shaving process. Bat shaving can remove up to 2 ounces from the weight of the bat, and end-loading can help a hitter get the most from his bat through shaving without sacrificing weight balance.

At Club Rollers, we provide professional service and proven results. We aren’t the only name in the game, but we are the experts in bat rolling. With our fine-tuning and customizing processes we bring you bats that are simply better than the competition.