Bat Shaving Benefits


Reach new levels of performance

Bat shaving increases transfer of energy at the point of contact by making the walls thinner and more flexible. The process can add as much of 50 feet of distance to every swing. bat shaving also increases the size of the sweet spot, so even imperfectly hit balls will leap off the bat with a purpose.

Out bat shaving is done using specially designed machines that carefully removes material from the inside of the bat, taking full advantage of its performance technology. These days bats are built to have restricted performance, anything over and the bat would not be passed for play. Club Rollers is home to a team of dedicated bat experts, and a professional bat shaving procedure is an excellent investment for a player looking to walk up to the plate at the top of his game every time.


The right tools and knowledge for the job.

At Club Rollers, our years of experience with bat optimization gives us a deep understanding of the best way to handle each bat and the right tools for the job. Amateur bat shaving services often use inferior equipment such as drill attachments and sandpaper to “shave” their bats, causing unreliable performance and inconsistent results. These bats can also show machining scars and other marks of sloppy handiwork, ruining an expensive bat.

Some companies that position themselves as authorities on bat shaving can barely remove the newer, more secure end caps properly. An end cap is a vital part of your bat’s performance, and once damaged it may never fit properly again. Club Rollers only uses the most advanced tools and techniques in our bat shaving service, and it’s a difference you can see and feel, especially when your bat stays intact during play.


A perfectly combined ratio of bat performance vs. durability

A delicate process such as bat shaving requires a professional touch, and only Club Rollers can guarantee the long-term performance of the bats we shave. Bats shaved by other suppliers can experience rattling, in which the composites that have been crudely shaved begin to flake off and move around inside the bat, causing a conspicuous sound and indicating a breakdown of the materials. An improperly shaved bat is also much less durable than a stock bat, and the temporary increase in performance has the drawback of a greatly shortened life span. Our proven shaving and treatment processes are designed to eliminate these concerns, extending the life of your bat and giving you the best in performance throughout.

Bat shaving is a highly technical process that requires experience and skill. Simply possessing the tools doesn’t mean you can do the job, and a lower price now could mean replacing your bat sooner.  Club Rollers has a long history of bringing batter performance to its peak with our rolling and shaving services, and thousands of batters have trusted their tools to us with outstanding results. Don’t just get your bat shaved, get it shaved by Club Rollers and you will never look elsewhere.