We are here to answer all your most popular questions about the process and benefits of bat rolling & shaving. If you do not see the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Q: Is bat rolling legal?

A: Simple answer, Yes! One of the many benefits of heat rolling is there are no vertical lines in the barrel which in the early days of bat rolling were visible. The only way someone would know is if they use your bat or you tell them, we suggest keeping it for yourself.

Q: Is bat shaving legal?

A: No. Although most of our shaved bats can pass a compression test, we can not tell you that it will for sure. Our customers play at their own risk and only choose to use the bat in league play at their own discretion.

Q: Why roll my bat instead of breaking it in the old-fashioned way?
A: Bat rolling is not only faster than traditional break-in process, taking just hours instead of weeks, but it is a more complete process as well. Normal break-in activities only improve the bat at the exact point it is struck, creating hot spots, but also leaving unpredictable dead ones. Heated bat rolling is a process that breaks your bat in uniformly, creating a hot spot that extends the length of the barrel in just one procedure.

Q: Basic or Normal Heat Rolling Difference

A: If you’ve read the previous FAQ question and wanted to open up your bat yourself in the cages we suggest a basic heat roll. This will be the equivalent of 250-500 artificial hits, if you do the same amount of real hits in the cage you will have a hot bat and a bit of experience with that particular model bat if you haven’t used it predecessor.

Q: Can I use my rolled bat in the cages or practice

A: Certainly, your rolled bat can be used wherever you normally hit. As far as our research goes, 90% of old bats we heat rolled are still playable and the owners just decided to upgrade. There’s a trick to knowing when your bat is about to break, if your bat is hitting phenomenally, keep it in the bag and for the right occasion.   If you break an abnormal amount of bats than we would advise against it, just use it in the game.

Q: Will rolling my bat hurt its’ durability?
A: Yes, each bat on average has a good 2000-3000 hits on it before it breaks, our heat rolling process will take a new bat and put around 500 – 1000 artificial hits being it to prime. Since we are breaking the bat more uniformly than normal random hits across the barrel, we experience as low as 5% and high as 33% durability loss. Note that the higher durability loss bats are youth bats which we break in very hard due to a most children never fully breaking in a bat.

Q: What kind of bats do you roll?

A: Any kind! We roll both slow and fast pitch bats, baseball bats and youth bats of any type. Our advanced rolling process also allows us to roll bats of any size, so go ahead and send us your biggest-barreled bats. Composite bats naturally break in better during the heat rolling process as opposed to alloys but some of the newer alloys are breaking in just as well. If you wanted to know exactly for each alloy just give us a call before ordering or sending the bat in.

Q: I heard rolling is only for composite bats. Is that true?
A: No. While aluminum bats may not see the dramatic surge in performance that composite bats experience, rolling typically adds a measurable increase in batted ball speed. Hotter line drives and more distance with good contact.

Q: Can you roll a used bat?
A: Of course! It’s never too late to unlock your bat’s true potential. Our heat process actually help heal a bat with any dead spots! Our moto is if the bat isn’t broken it can still increase in performance.

Q: What is bat shaving?

A: Bat shaving is removing material from inside the bat, thinning the walls for increased responsiveness and rebound. We remove different amounts of material from each bat, so shaving a light bat will have the different results as shaving a heavier one.

Q: I like my bat at its’ current weight. Is there any way to shave it and still keep it?

Yes! We offer end-loading and weight redistribution services as well.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Shipping times can vary based on your location and distance from our facilities, but we try to get your bat in your hands as quickly as possible. We will normally have your bat received, processed and shipped within a business week, but are much quicker in most cases. If your bat takes longer than 7 business days, don’t be alarmed and please feel free to contact us regarding your order.

Q: What separates you from other bat rolling services?

A: We are the bat rolling experts, and have years of successful experience behind all of our work. Our competitors often use inferior machines and lack of expertise in using them. Club Rollers is a professional bat rolling service, not a hobbyist’s way to kill time or an experimental operation that could ruin your bat. We even sometimes end up re-doing bats that a competitor didn’t get right the first time. The difference is in the results and we have an unmatched 100% satisfaction guarantee to prove it.