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Tip #1: Track the Ball

Sometimes, whether you hit the ball or not is a foregone conclusion while it’s still in the pitcher’s grip. A batter who can’t see the ball has next to no chance of hitting it, and therefore tracking the ball while it’s in the air is an essential skill for the best hitters. Make an effort to pick up the location and speed of the ball as soon as possible, as it will help you better identify pitches during live action. Try taking a few pitches just to evaluate the flight of the ball. The ability to pick up on the location of a ball quickly is likely to be your best defense as the level of competition increases. 

Tip #2: Hone Strengths, Eliminate Weaknesses

Yes, the weaknesses in your game need working out, but your strengths will help get you by until you can. If you’re great at pulling the ball, do it. If you want to turn those long opposite-field fly balls into instant points, keep swinging. If you have one of the best batting eyes in your dugout, be sure to give it a workout at every session. Anything you do well at the plate should be practiced frequently, because you can always get better.

Obviously, BP is a great place to shore up gaps in your game as well. If your bunting is weak, now’s the time to strengthen it. If you can’t hit to the opposite field, there’s no better chance to learn. If your swing is holding you back, you need to be in the cages until it isn’t. Have someone repeatedly throw you your problem pitch. Speak with your coaches to get an honest evaluation of your skills and devote significant BP time to making your whole game stronger. If necessary, work on your problem area exclusively until you achieve satisfactory progress before continuing to other parts of BP.

Tip #3: Stay Focused

Focus is possibly the most important attribute of a successful batter. Whenever you’re taking BP, you should concentrate only on improving as a hitter. When your time at BP is spent focused on the task at hand and making the right habits second nature, your training will take over when it counts and the whole game will seemingly slow down for you. Focus at practice fosters success during the game, and must be consistently practiced to develop the mental toughness required to sustain it.

Going through the motions at BP is one of the most easily avoidable mistakes a hitter can make. Batting practice should be taken with a purpose, and that purpose is to become a more complete hitter each time. After all, only perfect practice makes perfect.

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