Privacy Policy

This agreement is between the seller ("Club Rollers") and the purchaser ("You") and becomes effective at the time of purchase.
By confirming your purchase of a shaved/rolled bat on, you accept the following: 

The bat you purchase today has been rolled, shaved or both. Rolling or shaving a bat may allow it to perform significantly beyond the batted ball speed limits set by some associations. The bat(s) you purchase from Club Rollers should never be used in any competition that does not permit modifications of this type. Club Rollers and its' associates, partners or owners shall not be held liable for any injury resulting from the use of a rolled or shaved bat purchased from the site, nor shall Club Rollers or any of its' associates, partners or owners be connected in any way with any person(s) using such a bat for any purpose. Bats purchased from Club Rollers should only be used in temperatures of at least 65 degrees. Club Rollers does not provide warranty for breakage of bats. By purchasing a shaved and/or rolled bat from Club Rollers, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted all terms listed herein. 

Club Rollers is not in any way responsible for any injury that may result from use of modified bats purchased from Club Rollers. They are not intended for use in any competition that does not allow such alterations to bats. These bats have been modified to maximize their effectiveness, and they may perform at a significantly higher level than allowed by some associations. Bats purchased from Club Rollers may be altered to generate batted ball speeds beyond the approved limits for the associations whose markings the bat may bear. Modifications performed by Club Rollers may render a bat illegal for any use in some associations, including games, tournaments or exhibitions, or on the playing fields governed by any association that does not permit the use of such bats. Bats purchased from Club Rollers carry no warranty of any kind. The use of the trademarked company names DeMarini, COMbat, Louisville Slugger, TPS, Miken, Worth, Easton, Marucci, Rip-It, Rawlings, Anderson or any other copyrighted brand name appearing on the site is for informational and identification purposes only. Club Rollers is not affiliated with these brands in any way. The bats are identified as ASA, USSSA, NSA or ISA for the sole purpose of identifying the original bat model. Bats modified by Club Rollers may not be legal for use in these associations. All rolled and shaved bats purchased from Club Rollers will include a copy of this disclaimer.