New 2019 Senior Softball 1.21 BPF SSUSA

New 2019 Senior Softball 1.21 BPF SSUSA

Club Rollers carries a deep inventory of SSUSA Senior League bats for true veterans of the game. We receive our top quality leading name bats in manufacturer new condition. We then apply our professional rolling and shaving processes to our bats, pushing them to the limits of their abilities. The result is a high-performance bat that simply hits better than before.

We carry a large inventory of bats on hand to ensure the bat you order is in your hands quickly, and we also ship free and tax-free as a thanks to our loyal customers. At Club Rollers, we strive to maintain a standard of excellence in every product we deliver to you.

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Ultra II Senior League Softball Bat by Miken Sale

Ultra II Senior League Softball Bat by Miken

The Miken Ultra II is a threat to defenses everywhere. Built tough using Miken's premium performance..

$279.95 $242.50

2017 Miken Freak Platinum Kendrick Maxload SSUSA Softball Bat

Jason Kendrick's first Miken signature SSUSA model, this new designed hot out of the wrapper two-pie..


2017 Miken Freak Platinum Big Cat Macenko SSUSA Slowpitch Bat

The new Macenko Big Cat endload two-piece bat now with TMC + technology has a massive sweetspot with..


2017 Combat Rocket Launcher Limited Edition Senior Softball Bat

Blast one into the parking lot with the awesome power of the 2017 Combat Rocket Launcher. Its a..


2016 Ultra II Black Maxload Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat

This power-focused variant of the 2016 Ultra II features an end loaded swing profile to offer hitter..


2016 Ultra II Black Big Cat Endload Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat

Equipped with the heaviest end load available in the line, the Big Cat edition of Ultra II Black fro..


2016 Ultra II Black Balanced Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat

Built specifically for the demands of a senior league softball season, the Ultra II Black Balanced S..


2016 Louisville Slugger Hyper Z Senior Softball Bat

The wait is over! The all new Hyper Z Senior Slowpitch bat features a 12 inch barrel with end loaded..


2016 Anderson Supernova 2.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Anderson Supernova 2.0 Softball Bat represents some of the most innovative technology available ..