2016 Z4 Rare Backman USSSA Power Load Bat

Sale 2016 Z4 Rare Backman USSSA Power Load Bat

Extreme Performance & Value

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If you've ever watched a USSSA Conference softball tournament, you're sure to have seen one of the top teams to content each year: Backman Shoppe. Stacked with Conference superstars like Robert "Robo" Blackburn, Kevin "KK" Kennington and ace pitcher LC Watson, the speed and precision of play is a sight to be seen. 

The 2016 Z-4000 USSSA Powerload Backman Shopped edition is a tribute to their success and standing in USSSA play. Built with an extra half ounce endload for improved power and performance, the Powerload is sure to take your game to the next level. Whether you're a serious power hitter that requires the extra load or you're just getting into the game and looking to swing with a bang, the Z-4000 Powerload is your ticket.

Featuring Slugger’s patented TRU3 connection system locking the barrel and handle together, players can expect top level performance with the added benefit of greatly reduced vibrations. First introduced into the slow pitch line with the Z-3000 line, Louisville’s PURE360 composite is a best in class carbon fiber material engineered to deliver exceptional performance with the comfort of piece-of-mind durability. Step to the plate with confidence knowing you’ve got the best of both worlds in a single bat.

Rounding out the impressive list of features for the 2016 Louisville Slugger Z-4000 USSSA Powerload is a 12" barrel with the "Z" series legendary sweet spot, a 7/8" tapered handle and the new for '15/'16 Grit Blast finish.

This model is approved for play in USSSA, NSA and ISA. It is available in 26.5oz, 27.5oz, 28.5oz and 29.5oz weights and features a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Bat Highlights:

  • Pure 360 composite
  • TRU3 construction
  • End load swing weight
  • 7/8" standard handle
  • 12" barrel
  • USSSA, NSA, ISA approved (Not approved for play in ASA and ISF)

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Shipping Information

We are currently averaging 3 business days from the time of order but some orders may experience as much as 7 business days. Our shaved bats for example may take additional time to process. All orders go out using 2-Day Priority shipping with tracking details sent to the customers email.


Warranty Information

We honor manufacturer warranties on all heat rolled and stock bats that we sell. Any bat damaged and still within the manufacturers set time-frame can be sent back to us to file a replacement with the manufacturer. All shaved bats are not eligible for the warranty but we do offer a 30-day no-break guarantee. 

Our bats are guaranteed to be free from defects caused by our altering service. If there are any visual markings, a customer can send it back in for replacement. The only way to detect our altered bats is with a compression testing system which are usually only used in major tournaments.


Bat Rolling Information

Let's unleash a bat's full potential. Our normal heat rolling treatment simulates around 350-400 hits. Our other choice is a basic heat rolling (200-300 hits). Heating the bat allows us to create a much more uniformed break-in and is overall less aggressive on the bats durability. Our professional-grade machines and unique process treat each bat between 45 minutes to 90 minutes at very slow incremental speeds. Our heat rolling process is one-of-a-kind with three different machines designs for different bat models, it has been perfected over the years and assures quality you can see & feel instantly.

  • Basic Heat Rolling - (Increases performance 10% with ball exit speed ratio, expect a minimal durability loss)
  • Normal Heat Rolling - (Increases performance up to 25% on composites with increases ball exit speed ratio)


Bat Shaving Information

If you are looking for ultimate performance, you have just found it. We have customized methods for each bat model to alter barrel thickness and maximize the ball exit speed ratio. Our shaved bats are designed and played with by the very best home run derby players in the world. We have worked with players for over a decade, and they come to us for unmatched quality and consistency. We have narrowed down to 4 shaving options:


  • Shaved & Rolled (Shave 1oz - Balanced) - Will retain the manufacturer weight with good durability 
  • Shaved & Rolled (Shave 1oz - Endloaded) - Will retain manufacturer weight with an added endload 
  • Shaved & Rolled (Shave 2oz - Balanced) - Will retain or lower the manufacturer weight of .5oz 
  • Shaved & Rolled (Shave 2oz - Endloaded) - Will retain manufacturer weight with maximum endload


Our 1oz shaved bats are designed to get a major performance upgrade while retaining excellent durability. We designed this package for those to get the best of both worlds: performance & durability. Our 2oz bat options are specifically designed for home run derby hitters, if you want the very best performance this option is for you.

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