What is Bat Rolling

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Bat rolling is the unique process of breaking in a baseball or softball bat barrel to increase performance. The bat is repeatedly passed through a specialized rolling machine that slowly stretches a barrels composite fibers creating more trampoline effect, thus increasing overall batted ball speeds.

Bats directly out of the wrapper can take 500 or many more hits to start seeing a performance increase. To speed up the process, players looking for the competitive edge have their bats heat rolled for maximum performance on gameday. While batting distance will certainly improve a players game, the main benefit will make off-center hits and the majority of other hits get past infielders gloves to make the play. Please read on to see more about the benefits of bat rolling.

Machine Technology

Our proven bat rolling technology is computer automated to fit each bat models unique profile. We create these custom profiles and fine-tune them throughout the year to create a far superior service than Bat Rolling Informationtraditional rolling. Each of our machines will slowly roll a bat between 75 to 135 minutes depending on material hardness and diameter.

Older technology and rolling bats by hand can efficiently be done on some older softball bats but with newer materials and league standards the task has become extremely labor intensive. Although we have perfected our send in service, we are also developing a scaled down customer & store-use version of our machines which should be available to purchase in the fall of 2017. This machine will allow software updates to get our entire bat profile list as it updates from year-to-year. The entire system will allow for a 5 minute profile selection and bat setup, then walk away and let the machine work away.


Bat Rolling Benefits 

More Power

Bat rolling is a process that applies even pressure to the walls of a composite bat to extend the fibers and break down the epoxies holding the bat together. This is the same process that happens every time you make contact, and it causes the fibers to become far more flexible, greatly increasing the rebound level of the hitting surfaces. When a bat is rolled, the fibers are fortified and made more flexible for a dramatic increase in rebound. Bats can easily experience a difference of 20 to 40 feet in hitting distance after the rolling process. Those are the kind of results that show on the field.

Create a Larger Sweet Spot

On a stock bat, the sweet spot is where the barrel exhibits the most possible trampoline effect. On a rolled bat, all the fibers that make up the barrel have been optimized for flexibility, effectively turning the length of the barrel into one huge sweet spot with a unified flex. The increased performance and improved feel a rolled bat can provide gives you the tools to become a better hitter and increase your OBP (On-Base Percentage). 

Remove Dead Spots from Used Bats

Even a used bat can benefit greatly from rolling, as there are likely dead spots in the barrel that drag down the performance of the bat. When hitting naturally, there are patterns of consistent contact on areas of the barrel that are performing great. All the other areas still have fresh composite and create less trampoline effect, ideally the entire barrel can flex with each hit which is where the benefit comes from.

Ready for Game One

Bat rolling eliminates the need for an extensive break-in process or waiting for a bat to get hot. When you send your bat to us, we will transform it in 2 days and get it back in your batting gloves as soon as possible. Bat rolling involves a highly specialized process performed by trained experts, so always trust your prize stick to the professionals at Club Rollers.


Durability Disadvantages

Bat rolling comes at a cost of decreased durability as it is artificially creating hits. In our tests this loss amounts to less than 10% on popular models with the average 17 years or older players hitting strength. With youth players the durability issues are even less as most children will never hit hard enough to break in a bat. We continually adjust our machines to fit each bats profile. We also offer a "basic rolling" service that will do an initial break-in on the entire barrel to eliminate any present or future deadspots on the barrel. 

Club Rollers honors the manufacturer warranty for all bats we sell to leave buyers covered. 

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